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Free Sampling to Realize Your Design

When it comes to actually selling clothes, the Fangyuan company knows very well that it is the clothing sampling phase that really counts. It is during the sampling phase that our clients will be able to see the true quality of our wares. This is why we always put our best foot forward.

We Are Experts to Make Your Clothes Sample

The sample clothes is the real presentation of your design, and it is also the standard for production and inspection. Once you feel that you are ready to go forward with your final design sketch, It’s important to go to a professional that will make sure your design will be well-constructed before going to production.


Sample Production

We provide a custom down jacket sample making service to our customers to produce samples that meet the customer's design and requirements. This may include selecting the appropriate fabrics, fillings and other details and ensuring that the quality of the sample meets the client's standards.

Sample Improvement

Improvements are made to existing down jacket samples based on customer feedback and requests. This may include sizing, improving the cut, replacing or improving fabrics and fillings, etc. to meet customer needs and improve the quality of the product

Technical Support

We provide technical support related to down jacket samples, such as material selection, fabric performance evaluation, and filler density testing. Customers can consult professionals for advice and guidance regarding down samples.

Quality Testing

Quality testing is performed on down jacket samples to ensure that they meet the relevant quality standards and requirements. This may include checking the quality of the stitching, the uniformity of the distribution of the filling, the durability of the fabric, etc., and providing a quality report to the customer.

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